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2024. 05. 22
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‘Nestwärme’ – ‘Providing love and security’

‘Nestwärme’ – ‘Providing love and security’

Target group addressed
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Province of Styria

Country of origin
Province of Styria

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Brief description
What is the ‘Nestwärme’ service?


‘Nestwärme’, which stands for ‘providing love and security’, is a newly developed preventative care project to support expectant mothers/parents with clearly identified risk factors.


Possible risk factors may include:

-          Family conflicts, stress in life

-          Spatial or familiar narrowness, poverty

-          Parents have convicted crimes

-          Parents suffer from mental illnesses or family members suffer from addictive disorders

-          Teenage mothers

-          Child's difficult temperament

-          Parents experienced broken relationships or loss in their childhood


The preventive support starts during pregnancy and can be extended up until the child is three years old, if required.

Main achievements

To meet the demands of our clients (expectant mothers with risk factors) we offer an interdisciplinary team with many years of experience in the psychosocial and medical field.

In practice, there is a team of two supporters who very closely cooperate with midwives, gynaecologists and paediatricians.

Depending on requirements, we involve partner organisations such as debt counselling, substance abuse counselling, therapists, and so on.

The major advantages of this kind of support are its manageability (small team), accessibility, continuity, and a willingness to provide care work.


Legal framework/financing

The 'Nestwärme' service is delivered as a special offer within existing services. It can be installed as part of the Styrian Provincial Youth Welfare Act.

The target group is included in both the 'socio-pedagogical family care' service and, depending on the mothers'/parents' age and income, in the 'youth residence with mobile care' service.

Targets of the 'Nestwärme' service

The support service has the following targets:

-          Pregnancy and childbirth are to be experienced as positive stages in life.

-          Increase of parental skills.

-          Fostering a constructive relationship between the parents and involving the child's father in the care process.

-          Assistance in building a useful and relieving network.

-      Acquiring social competences to identify problems and seek help in time.

-          Support in learning life skills and in efficiently utilising resources.


With the support of the 'Nestwärme' service we can sustainably stop the development of problems that have been there for generations. A decrease in both out-of-home care as well as subsequent pregnancies are the positive side effects of the intervention.

According to the feedback from the Youth Welfare Service, the number of children in out-of-home care has decreased (statistics).

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Contact / Information
Name: Beratungszentrum Jugend am Werk Stmk. GmbH

Position: Mag. Petra Ofner

E-Mail address: bz-voitsberg@jaw.or.at

        Address (work): Schillerstr.19,8570 Voitsberg

          Country: Styria

        Telephone: 050 7900 4512

Key words
pregnancy, risk factors, childbirth