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Competence development for carers and educators of children in foster care in the context of trainsition from institutional to community based care
2024. 06. 16
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Pedagogie Trauma si consiliere traume

Pedagogie Trauma si consiliere traume

Target group addressed
  • Carers
  • Educators
  • Foster parents
  • Social workers
  • Psychologists

Priority area addressed

Social pedagogics

Country of origin

  • European

Type of training
  • Training

Brief description
Systemic trauma pedagogics and trauma counselling implements an attitude that recognises the experience of traumatised people, works in a resource- and process-oriented way, considers the social environment and the wider context, works network-based, and believes that an active de-privatisation of suffering is necessary.

6 modules/3 days:

1: Fundamentals of trauma pedagogics, traumatised children and their families, resource-oriented conversations with parents, creative methods, imagination and rituals, collecting treasures.

2: Trauma in the family, trauma in the course of life; transgenerational transmission of trauma; stabilisation and building up resources.

3: Trauma in the system; traumatised young people in institutions, the concept of safe places.

4: Trauma and violence; stabilisation in situations of crisis.

5: Integration of the training contents.

6: Conclusion

Main achievements

Target group: Employees of child and youth services in counselling centres.

Trainers: Systemic therapists, systemic child and youth therapists.


It is the aim to provide the basics of psycho-traumatology and trauma pedagogics. It is based on a model that interconnects systemic and salutogenic concepts.


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Contact / Information

Name: BÖS

Position: Berufsverband Österreichischer Sozialpädagogen

E-Mail address: fortbildung@pro juventute.at

Address (work):Fischergasse 17,5020 Salzburg

Country: Austria


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