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Competence development for carers and educators of children in foster care in the context of trainsition from institutional to community based care
2023. 10. 01
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Burn out prevention training with KÁSZPEM method

Burn out prevention training with KÁSZPEM method

Target group addressed
  • Carers
  • Educators
  • Foster parents
  • Social workers

Priority area addressed

Type of programme: Professional training for the developement of personality.

Target group: child care workers, child protectors who work with children in foster care (social workers, educators, carers, foster parents, substitute parents)

The topic of the course: Thi

Country of origin

  • National (in at least 80% of regions)

Type of training
  • Training

Brief description

The 28 hours training is divided into four days. The training is the most effective, when the four days follow each other.

The price is 25.000 HUF per person.

Main achievements

The training supports participant’s prevention of burn out in a modern approach. It also contributes to consolidation of the personality.

The aim of the training is preventing child protection and social work specialists from leaving their profession. After attending the training participants commitment to their career is consolidated and become able to see their work as a self-expression and fulfilment of their personality.


After building a connection of confidence  during the training 

-participant’s motivation of choosing their careers is discussed,  -information about self-rewarding elements of their work is provided

-personal and professional resources are collected

-self-defencing methods (protective factors against burning out) are taught

-future-building on the peers own experiences is planned



Methods of the training: team exercises for developing the student’s personality with professional reflection.

The training gives an opportunity to the trainers to select the most suitable method, so that the course should be best adjusted to the target group’s needs. The teacher can decide which solution to choose depending on whether there are more participants in the group who have recently started working as child carers or there are more of those who have already worked on this field for a long time.


Experts working with children in foster care are exposed to a high risk of burn-out, as they work with their own personality and their work is often emotionaly demanding.


Throughout the training the following comptencies can be attained/developed:

-Self-knowledge building upon own experiencies

-Professional awareness and resoluteness

-Consolidation, defence of the ego

-Ability for using and monitoring resources.


Developing these competencies is useful for carers, educators and foster parents as they become able to realise the risk of burnout, to recognise symptoms and to prevent it by using the acquired techniques. 

Regarding our project the topic of burnout is extremely important, it is recommended to be represented during our training.


At the and the training participants  are given fedback both individually and by the group without any rating in the respect of the following sectors:

-activity during group-work

-the way they see themselves

-the way they see their profession

-professional awareness


-self-esteem and self-confidence

-ability to monitor resources.

Related documentation


Curriculum is avaiable online in Hungarian and in English (www.agotafelki.hu/development courses in child protection and social care/burn out prevention training). Training material is not available. For more information contact Ágota Felnőttképzési Intézmény (ÁGOTA Foundation’s Adult Education Institution).

Contact / Information

Name: ÁGOTA Foundation’s Adult Education Institution ( Hungarian name: Ágota Felnőttképzési Intézmény)

           Révai Istvánné, Busáné Csengeri Judit


E-Mail address: rg@agotaalapitvany.hu, busane.judit@gmail.com

Address (work): 6701 Szeged, Pf.2003

Country: Hungary

Telephone: +36 30 624 2840, +36 20 994 6949

Key words
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