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Competence development for carers and educators of children in foster care in the context of trainsition from institutional to community based care
2023. 10. 01
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Curriculum and training materials for careers and foster parents

Simple and effective ways of applying techniques of supportive consultation

Simple and effective ways of applying techniques of supportive consultation

Target group addressed
  • Carers
  • Educators
  • Foster parents
  • Social workers

Priority area addressed

The training is meant mainly for people working in the child protection services, people in leading positions, carers, and foster parents.

Country of origin

  • National (in at least 80% of regions)

Type of training
  • Training

Brief description

The purpose of this training is develop communicational skills on the information as well as the competence levels resulting in a common understanding so the participants become able to successfully apply the demonstrated techniques. It is a 30-hour training, it costs 23,000 HUF per person. The covered material includes methods of giving feedback, empathic attitude, considering different perspectives of a situation, ways of asking questions, and effective communication.

Main achievements

Throughout the training participants will gain a deep understanding of the topics by developing the needed competences necessary to apply them successfully. It proves to be particularly beneficial for the participants that they can try the newly acquired skills in a protected environment. Feedback from other participants and the trainers is an important element of the training. Any difficulties or questions that may arise in their work between sessions can also be shared in the group so they can receive help and support.


It is particularly important for professionals to be able to use the skills presented during this training, their development in how they perceive and have better control over their communication with the child is a very crucial part of their work. The training benefits from flexibly combining theory with practice. The simulations help participants rehearse situations that can occur frequently while being a foster parent. It is an important intention during the training to have a comfortable atmosphere so more personal dilemmas and problems can be shared.


At the end of the training every participant gets feedback about their work. By the end, participants are better able to reflect on their own parts in certain communicational processes.

Related documentation

The training material can be obtained through the Child Protection Methodological Services of Budapest.


Contact / Information
Name: Child Protection Methodological Services of Budapest


E-Mail address: tegyesz@tegyesz.hu

Address (work): Budapest, Alföldi St. 9-13.

Country: Hungary

Telephone: +3613232900

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