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Competence development for carers and educators of children in foster care in the context of trainsition from institutional to community based care
2023. 10. 01
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Curriculum and training materials for careers and foster parents

The Fairstart project

The Fairstart project

Target group addressed
  • Carers
  • Educators
  • Foster parents

Priority area addressed



- developing competence tools and digital material for staff training in basic human care for orphaned children living in European orphanages

Country of origin
Transnational partnership with the support of EC

  • European

Type of training
  • Other,

Brief description

Funder: EU/LLP

Project Lifetime: December 2008 – November 2010


The project’s goal was to offer an effective, easy accessible and useful training program and training material to the people taking care of abandoned children or children placed outside their families, in order to help them to give a fair start also to unluckily children.

The programme and the material developed in the project contributed to improving the competences of staff giving care to small children placed outside their family and make them able to give these children a better start in life, no matter if the children are in an institution or in a foster care environment.

The programme consists of 15 training sessions including a self-evaluation part, the FAIRstart game “FAIRship” and a Handbook with instructions and guides to the program. The Training session are:

Training session 1: Introduction to the FAIRstart training sessions
Training session 2: Understanding basic attachment theory
Training session 3: What is professional caregiver behaviour
Training session 4: The Hospital Model
Training session 5: Insecure attachment in outplaced children
Training session 6: How are we doing in our training?
Training session 7: The secure base model
Training session 8: Caregiver style and brain development in babies and toddlers
Training session 9: Promoting relations work in practical tasks
Training session 10: Designing family like groups for attachment

Main achievements

Main achievement of the project was

-A complete training program available at http://train.fairstartedu.us/;
-Conferences around Europe;
- A DVD with the training material available in different languages;
- An educational game and an handbook available to be printed in the training section of the web site.




Related documentation

Online learning platform:  http://www.train.fairstartedu.us/

Handbook : http://www.train.fairstartedu.us/handbook.pdf


Contact / Information

Name: Bodil Mygind Madsen

Position: project coordinator

E-Mail address: sskabmm@sosuaarhus.dk

Address (work):



Key words
competence, carer