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Competence development for carers and educators of children in foster care in the context of trainsition from institutional to community based care
2023. 12. 02
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Lifebook for youth

Lifebook for youth

Target group addressed
  • Carers
  • Educators
  • Foster parents

Priority area addressed


A systematic implementation of biographic work with children in children’s homes and foster families.


Country of origin

  • European

Type of training
  • Training

Brief description

In Croatia this program started with two educations with professionals who work in children’s homes and their qualification for the implementation of Lifebook for children in children’s homes. Those two trainings preceded a number of activities which needed to ensure the implementation and direct work with children. Preparation of these educations started with the translation of the Trainer’s manual. Children’s homes were informed about the education and they were invited to participate. Already in the invitation letter, further obligations of participants were noted (implementation on Lifebook with 10 to 20 children). At the end of education, each professional got several copies of the Lifebook for the work with their beneficiaries. During the second education the team came up with a Lifebook implementation check plan together with the professionals. Organizer contacts the professionals in children’s homes on regular basis to have an insight in the implementation of the Lifebook. The protocol for making notes after the work with Lifebook group was created.

Training was organized by the Centre for lifelong learning of Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences. It was held during 2012 with a budget of 1.690 Euros.

Main achievements

Two training were held with 40 professionals (mainly social pedagogues, social workers and psychologist) from 22 institutions (children’s homes and SOS Village Croatia). The majority of institutions started with the Lifebook implementations, first on the level of presentation of the Lifebook project to the children and then with workshops to implement the whole set of module. There are 40 trained participants that can implement the Lifebook method with their children.



Purpose of Lifebook for Youth is to distribute lifebooks to children and young people in disadvantaged situations.

Main activities:

1.Training “Lifebook Coach”

In the training "Lifebook Coach"  social workers, social pedagogues and psychologists  are trained to facilitate the filling in process of a Lifebook with youngsters. The training is developed by experienced psychologists and social pedagogues and is given by one of the by Lifebook for Youth selected trainers. Biography work and experimental learning are the red line of the training.


2.Manual “working with Lifebook”

The manual  "working with Lifebook" is distributed during the training and assists social workers, social pedagogues and psychologists  to facilitate the fill in process on a correct and creative way. The manual includes different exercises for each chapter of the Lifebook. Later on it is also possible to develop an e-course (online) and/or e-handbook.


3.Development Lifebook

The Lifebook will never be finished. Regularly, users (young people and social workers) partners and trainers will be asked for their experiences. Their input will be used to update the Lifebook on a frequent base.



Evaluation has shown that participants graded the complete training very high (4,59), they are especially satisfied with the trainers (4,77), location (4,45) and with cooperation with other participants (4,45). The participants are less satisfied with information they had before the training, so in future participants need to be better informed.

We do not have data and feedback about effectiveness of  Lifebook after it was implemented in work with children.



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Contact / Information

Name: Ivana Maurović

Position: Research Assistant

E-Mail address: ivana.maurovic@erf.hr

Address (work): Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, Borongajska cesta 83f, 10 000 Zagreb

Country: Croatia

Telephone: +385 (0)1 245 7585

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