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Competence development for carers and educators of children in foster care in the context of trainsition from institutional to community based care
2024. 07. 15
Best practice database
Curriculum and training materials for careers and foster parents

Needs for transversal skills and competencies development of carers and foster parents

In order to better meet the needs of carers, educators, foster parents in each participating country, a complex research will be carried out, concerning the needs for development of transversal skills and competencies as well as needs for transnational cooperation and collaborative learning.


Database of best practice training methods and materials

The database will summarize all open source training materials for transversal competence development and/or in-service training materials for carers, foster parents, developed at national level or within the previous Lifelong Learning Programme. The main aim of the database is to valorize results of previous projects and to make available a wide variety of training materials that can be adapted to the identified need of the target group.



The Curriculum will be created jointly by all partners, each partner providing input for its development and provide feedback on the parts developed.


Training Material - ENGLISH

The Training Material developed by the project will valorize best practice training materials and models collected previously. It is elaborated by shared work of all partners.